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Vaccine   Price Hepatitis A* Havrix Adult Monodose £49.00   Havrix Junior £32.00 Hepatitis A Jnr   £49.00 Hepatitis B* Engerix B Adult £35.00   Engerix Junior £25.00 Influenza** Flu Vaccine £15.00 Japanese B Encephalitis* Japanese B Vaccine £80.00 Meningitis (Meningitis
Conjugate £65.00 MMR* MMR £45.00 Rabies* Rabies HDVC £49.00 Tick Borne Encephalitis* Tick Borne Encephalitis £60.00 Typhoid Typherix £27.00 Varicella Chicken Pox £60.00 Yellow Fever Yellow Fever £51.00 Cervical Cancer Gardasil £125.00 Cerverix £135.00 Cholera Dukoral £28.00
Combination Combined Vaccines Price Hepatitis A & B* Twinrix (Hep A & B) £65.00   Twinrix Pediatric (Hep A & B) £55.00   Ambirix £55.00 Hepatitis A and Typhoid* Hepatyrix £75.00 Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio Revaxis £30.00
Malaria     Avloclor/Paludrine 7 Week Travel Pack £18.00 Doxycycline 50 x 100mg Capsules £25.00 Malarone 12 Tablets £46.00 Malarone Paediatric 12 Tablets £18.00 Meflaquine (Larium) 8 Tablets £36.00
Please note that there will be consultation charge for appointments depending on how many people wish to attend a consultation.

The consultation charge made for each 30 minute (Required for 1-2 patients) appointment is £20. However, if vaccines or malarial tablets are purchased at the time of the appointment, the consultation charge will be waived. However, if you do not purchase vaccines or malaria tablets in the same consultation, but at a different consultation, then the consultation charge will be payable in full.

* Prices Stated Are Per Dose, More Than One Dose Required To Complete Course. ** Corporate Prices On Application.